Bernadette Jiwa


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Bernadette’s eight bestselling books are modern classics on mastering the art of storytelling to persuade, influence, and inspire. Her award-winning blog, The Story of Telling, has been a go-to source of inspiration for leaders from Disney, UNICEF, Louis Vuitton, Adidas, United Nations, Red Cross, Microsoft, Google, Barclays, Lululemon, Clarins, Dyson, Hilton, TED, FedEx, LEGO, Nike, Amazon, Stanford University, Hallmark, World Vision, McKinsey, Uber, Sony, Ford, Salesforce, Twitter, Mini, Oracle, Siemens, Morgan Stanley, Sky, General Mills, IBM, Bupa and more. 

Named by Smart Company as one of Australia’s Top Business Thinkers and listed as one of the Top Branding Experts to follow on Twitter, Bernadette is trusted by leaders, organizations, and companies, from non-profits to billion-dollar brands, who want to tell better stories. She spoke at TEDx in 2012 about ‘The Secret to Spreading Ideas.’ Bernadette’s books Hunch and Story Driven were longlisted for the 800-CEO-Read book awards in 2017 and 2018, respectively. 

Her book Meaningful: The story of ideas that fly was featured in Inc Magazine’s Best Business Books of 2015. Her previous books have been included on LinkedIn’s 20 Books Every Marketer Should Read. And her latest, What Great Storytellers Know, is helping entrepreneurs, leaders, and organizations to increase their influence and impact. Whether you’re an activist or artist, entrepreneur, or educator, this is your chance to learn from a master and start making a difference by telling better stories.

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