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On the Shoulders of Giants with Recommended Books

What better way to learn than to see what book the successful have read and follow in their footsteps? You could also pave your way with your own published book, of course, but do not make the mistake of disregarding the wisdom of the past.

Find your favorite celebrity, dive into their experiences, and more importantly, learn as they did. Your next favorite book could be your first entry into the life and philosophy of many accomplished individuals who've come before you.

There's more to success than simply having the right wisdom, but a lot of literature is written in a way that emboldens the spirit and reinvigorates the mind. You won't learn how to succeed in stock investment by reading someone else's portfolio, but it's a great first step in the right direction.

Good books can make all the difference when you're starting. And if you're already on your way, what better way to further fan the fire of inspiration than with a great book?

The Beaten Path

You'll notice that the most recommended books by the most successful people on this site aren't necessarily technical or even educational. You have a healthy mix of bestsellers, science fiction novels, biographies, and even children's books.

There's no general rule that dictates what kind of book wisdom can be extracted from. Knowledge can easily be acquired on the internet, by simply looking up the exact skill or creative process you have in mind.

Reading someone else's book puts all of that wisdom in motion, within a relatable scenario. You get taken for a ride. It's as if you're living a separate life, for a short time, through the written pages.

As for following the trail that others have blazed before you, this is wise but comes at the risk of complacency. Don't take every book title that you read for granted. Wisdom is only ever good as a starting point for your adventure.

The truth is, none of the celebrities on this site have the right answer to success and no single individual ever will. They do, however, have their own stories and that's exactly what these book lists are here to document for you.

You can't follow someone else's path perfectly no matter how many times you read their book in an attempt to emulate their life. However, you can try to understand how they got to where they are and draw lessons for your own life from said book.

Your Own Life Story

A person's favorite books say a lot about their personality and outlook on life. You might find that a good book can truly change your perspectives on life. Regardless of how you feel about a specific book or how the work in question lines up with your career, the similarities between people and the nature of aspirations will certainly ring true for you.

You could be involved in music and get inspired by a work of fantasy. You could be exploring spirituality and learn a lot about human nature from a war memoir. The sky's the limit.

The only thing you have to remember is that the main difference between a writer, a successful celebrity, and yourself is that your story simply hasn't been written yet. There's no chain of command or hierarchy of authority here.

If history has taught one thing it is that the world will always welcome inspired newcomers, be it in art, science, or the pursuit of financial power.

Must-Read Literature

Nonfiction As a Helpful Category

Nonfiction has always been considered informative first and entertaining second, thanks to the popularity of published autobiographical novels by Nobel prize-winning authors and characters that are inescapably rooted in reality. There's not much experimentation that can be done with this type of book without escaping the expected level of veracity.

That being said, some of the best books out there are indeed realistic titles that expose the secrets of the lives of many successful or otherwise noteworthy people. People have often found this genre to be extremely inspiring.

The strategies of successful individuals and their structure of thinking form a clear picture of how these people managed to achieve as much as they have. This kind of work allows you to explore waters that to you are quite uncharted.

The Classics

You'll notice that lists of the best books and most recommended books often feature irrefutable classics. Between titles like Catcher in the Rye and Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, which is an amazing book, by the way, there's a lot of literature made by leaders and free thinkers who didn't need a sequel to stay timelessly relevant.

The number of published works that have been changing the minds of readers over centuries is astounding. If you're interested in the above-mentioned forms of wisdom, then reading some of the most recommended books on this site should probably be your next stop. Make a habit of reading good books. You won't regret it.

The World of Popular Books

Popularity is Fickle

BestBooks is a free site that is advertising the value of reading quality published releases. However, finding the best books for you, your friends, their families, and even your children isn't an easy task, because reading preferences are extremely subjective.

To that end, these books are sorted in such a way that you don't have to spend long to find the best book for you. The most popular books might not be the right fit for you by default, but countless readers around the world can't be that wrong.

In the Company of Friends

People that spend time on these kinds of sites have an inherent edge in societal interactions. If you're the kind of person who enjoys relaxing and unwinding with a recently published best-selling book, then you're sure to provide good company to those around you.

Books have a very unique way of opening your eyes to new horizons as you are always reading someone else's story through their eyes. This isn't only the case when you're reading a novel. When you read any book at all, you learn about the writer's world.

After that, you're free to achieve your best potential, by simply allowing yourself to learn the lessons that the book is trying to teach.

Literature is Timeless

The 21st Century Isn't Science Fiction

You might be under the impression that the number of published books is going down now that other forms of media are significantly more popular, but you'd be wrong. The future is not that bleak. Books are becoming more and more popular each day.

Even digital tools are being heavily used for the consumption of books. This is a good sign. The book, as a medium, isn't going anywhere. There might not be nearly as much advertising centered on books as before, but that's simply a statistical observation. People still want to lie back and enjoy a good book. This hasn't changed.

Writing Your Fiction

The value of the fiction novel is also at an all-time high as new writers enter the scene with book ideas.

Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of money in writing fiction, unless you achieve best-selling status, but this shouldn't dissuade you from pursuing dreams of your own published novel if you're motivated to create your book.

If you're the type of person who's always wanted to have your name on a book, you should pursue that dream. It doesn't matter whether you're a man, a woman, or otherwise - there is always room for another published book in the world.

Enjoying BestBooks

There is no right way to search through the most recommended books on this site. Don't feel pressured by anyone to conform to their reading preferences. There's a reason that BestBooks doesn't perform forced advertising of any published book. Whether you want to read a novel, a kids' book, or something a bit more technical, that's the right choice for you.

Ultimately, a category breakdown of published works on this site serves to simplify the process of finding the right book for you and your friends and give you a sign that the right time to start reading your next book is right now.

The value of a good book is all about the mix between entertainment and education. If a book can teach you a lesson and take you for a ride at the same time, then it is a book worth reading.

There are countless sites out there that make efforts to find the best book, but such a book doesn't exist. Literary works are subjective, that's why BestBooks helps you divvy up the categories and find the right book for you.