Éric Ripert

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Éric Ripert is a French chef, author, and television personality. He is the executive chef and co-owner of the three-Michelin-starred restaurant Le Bernardin in New York City, which specializes in seafood. 

Éric Ripert's career began in France, where he trained under some of the country's most renowned chefs, including Joel Robuchon and Bernard Loiseau. Then, in 1989, he moved to the United States to become the executive chef at Le Bernardin restaurant in New York City, which Maguy Le Coze had just opened. Under Ripert's leadership, the restaurant quickly gained a reputation as one of the best seafood restaurants in the city and has been awarded three Michelin stars.

Ripert is known for his innovative seafood approach and commitment to using the freshest and highest-quality ingredients. He is also a regular guest on television programs such as Top Chef and has authored several cookbooks. He has won multiple awards for his contributions to the culinary world, including the James Beard Foundation's Outstanding Chef award in 2003 and the Legion of Honour, France's highest order of merit, in 2016. He is also an active philanthropist, supporting causes such as ocean conservation and hunger relief.