Alex Lieberman

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Alex Lieberman is a successful entrepreneur and business leader. He is the Co-Founder of Morning Brew, a daily newsletter that provides a succinct and informative overview of the most important business news. The newsletter has grown to over 1 million subscribers and has become a popular source of business news and analysis for young professionals.

In addition to his role as Co-Founder of Morning Brew, Alex also serves as the company's Executive Chairman. In this role, he is responsible for overseeing the overall strategy and direction of the company, as well as working closely with the leadership team to ensure the company's continued growth and success.

Alex is also the host of The Founder's Journal podcast, where he interviews successful entrepreneurs and business leaders to learn about their experiences, insights, and advice for building and growing a successful business. Through this podcast, he provides valuable insights and inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Overall, Alex Lieberman is a well-respected and accomplished entrepreneur who has made significant contributions to the business world through his work with Morning Brew and The Founder's Journal podcast. He is known for his innovative business approach and ability to connect with and inspire young professionals.