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Janelle Shane is an optics research scientist and artificial intelligence researcher, writer, and public speaker. She keeps a popular science blog called AI Weirdness, where she documents various machine learning algorithms, both ones submitted by readers and ones she personally creates. Shane's first book, You Look Like A Thing, And I Love You: How AI Works And Why It's Making The World A Weirder Place, was published in November 2019, covering many of the topics from her AI Weirdness blog for a general audience.

 Shane studied electrical engineering at Michigan State University and graduated in 2007. She started out in a research group that worked on genetic algorithms and then worked with Marcos Dantus on genetic algorithms for femtosecond lasers. She earned her master's degree in physics at the University of St Andrews, where she worked with Kishan Dholakia on pulse shaping and dispersion compensation. 

In 2008, Shane joined the University of California, San Diego as a graduate student, where she worked on ultra-fast nanoscale optics. Shane works at Boulder Nonlinear Systems, an organization who are developing holographic optical trapping modules for the International Space Station.

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You Look Like a Thing and I Love You