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You Look Like a Thing and I Love You

272 pages, 2019

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Janelle Shane, the creator of the popular blog AI Weirdness, delivers a funny and fascinating look at how artificial intelligence (AI) works in everyday life. The rules that govern so much of our daily lives—how to make good decisions, how to get what we want, how to be happy—are often too abstract for us to grasp. 

We rely on AI every day for recommendations, translations, and to put cat ears on our selfies; we also trust it with matters of life and death. But how smart is AI really? And how does it solve problems, understand humans, and even drive self-driving cars? 

In this highly accessible, informative, and hilarious introduction to the weird world of artificial intelligence (AI), Shane dives deep into everything from self-driving cars to neural networks and recommendation engines--and why all these algorithms are getting things wrong more typically than you’d think.

Understanding AI

In 'You Look Like a Thing and I Love You', Janelle Shane takes us on a journey to explore the world of artificial intelligence. She breaks down complex AI concepts into simple, understandable terms. It's a great read if you're curious about how AI works and its impact on our lives.

AI's Limitations

The book also highlights the limitations of AI. It shows that while AI can do amazing things, it's not perfect. It can make mistakes, and it's only as good as the data it's trained on. So, don't worry, robots aren't taking over the world just yet.

Humorous Approach

One of the best parts of 'You Look Like a Thing and I Love You' is its humor. Shane uses funny examples and anecdotes to explain AI, making the book entertaining as well as informative. You'll find yourself laughing while learning about neural networks and algorithms.

AI in Everyday Life

Shane's book helps us see the role of AI in our everyday lives. From recommendation algorithms on streaming services to voice assistants on our phones, AI is everywhere. After reading this book, you'll start noticing AI's presence more and more.

Future of AI

Finally, 'You Look Like a Thing and I Love You' gives us a glimpse into the future of AI. Shane discusses the potential of AI, its ethical implications, and how it can shape our society. It's a must-read if you're interested in the future of technology.


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