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Born in the Netherlands, Jan Middendorp works in Berlin as an independent writer, translator and consultant. He teaches at Weißensee Art College in Berlin and the Plantin Institute of Typography in Antwerp.In the past, he has been a guest professor in Mérida (Venezuela), at the American University in Dubai (UAE), and at St Lucas College, Ghent (Belgium).

During the past fifteen years Jan has edited, written and co-written a number of well-known books on graphic design and typography, including Dutch Type (2004), Shaping Text (2012), Type Navigator (2011, with TwoPoints.Net, Creative Characters (2010) and Made with FontFont (2006, with Erik Spiekermann). He has an ongoing collaboration with the Bibliothèque typographique of Ypsilon éditeur in Paris. He has translated books by Alice Twemlow and Adrian Shaughnessy into Dutch.

Among the design magazines he has contributed to are Eye Magazine (ongoing), Baseline, Typo, and Items. He curated and co-curated exhibitions on graphic design in The Hague, Mexico City and Dubai; he was a consultant for the permanent exhibition of the Graphic Design Museum in Breda (Netherlands) and was a curator of the travelling exhibition FiFFteen, 15 years of type for independent minds with Erik Spiekermann and Neville Brody. Jan currently works as a writer, editor and consultant for MyFonts, Gestalten Publishers in Berlin and BIS Publishers in Amsterdam.

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