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Lewis Blackwell likes to make beautiful books with inspiring ideas. Whether it is his passion for trees, which led to the bestselling Life and Love of Trees (celebrated on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and featured on oprah.com, among others) or more arcane delights in the history of typography and vernacular signage (20th Century Type and Ed Fella Letters on America), or sharing his powerful insights from the top table in photography (Photowisdom), the resulting books are always highly visual, original in thought and word, and accessible. 

Lewis finds the perfect project for a book typically combines a great subject to investigate with fascinating people to work with and remarkable places to visit. He is currently working on two projects that will take him around the world, from the depths of nature to the heights of technology. 

Besides his writing, he has repeatedly served as chair of the Natural History Museum Wildlife Photographer of the Year award and he is the CEO of Creative Standards International. This organization runs the Cresta Awards.

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20th-Century Type

Jeremiah Shoaf