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Shaping Text

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A practical and broad look at typography is the focus of SHAPING TEXT: Typography, Design, and the Reader. The book examines why and how typographic designs work well in a given context. Examining first-rate designs from around the world, the book shows how text itself—written language—and design combine to form a new, multilevel visual message with an informative or expressive content.
Understanding the Power of Typography

In Shaping Text, Jan Middendorp invites us to explore the world of typography. He shows us how the right choice of font and layout can make a huge difference in conveying our message effectively. It's not just about making things look pretty, it's about communication.

The History and Evolution of Type

Middendorp takes us on a journey through the history of type, from its earliest origins to the digital age. He helps us understand how type has evolved and how it continues to shape our world. It's a fascinating look into the past that helps us appreciate the art of typography even more.

The Art of Layout Design

Shaping Text isn't just about type, it's also about layout design. Middendorp shows us how to arrange text and images in a way that's not only visually appealing, but also easy to read and understand. He gives us practical tips and tricks that we can use in our own designs.

The Impact of Digital Technology on Typography

The book also explores the impact of digital technology on typography. Middendorp discusses how the advent of computers and the internet have revolutionized the way we use type. He also looks into the future, speculating on how technology might continue to shape typography.

Practical Applications of Typography

Finally, Shaping Text is a practical guide that helps us apply what we've learned. Middendorp provides real-world examples and case studies, showing us how to use typography effectively in various contexts, from print to web design. It's a valuable resource for anyone interested in design.


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Jeremiah Shoaf


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