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Tim Urban is a writer and blogger best known for his blog, Wait But Why, where he writes on various topics, including technology, science, and mental models. In addition, he is known for using humor and illustrations to explain complex concepts in an easy-to-understand way. Urban has also given a TED talk and has written articles for publications such as The Atlantic and the New York Times.

"Wait But Why" is a popular blog and website that features a wide range of articles and posts on various topics, focusing on science, technology, and futurism. Urban's writing style is characterized by his use of humor and his ability to explain complex concepts in a clear and relatable way

Some of the most popular articles on the site have covered topics such as artificial intelligence's future, space travel's history, and the concept of time. The website has developed a loyal following, and Urban has been able to monetize it through sponsored content, merchandise, and book publishing.

Prior to starting "Wait But Why," Urban worked as a freelance writer and illustrator, contributing to various publications and websites. He also worked in marketing and advertising and as a consultant.

Urban started Wait But Why as a personal blog in 2013. It grew in popularity over time and eventually developed a large online following. He began focusing on it full-time in 2015, and since then, the blog has become well-known for its in-depth articles on a wide range of subjects, with a particular focus on science, technology, and futurism. He writes about various diverse subjects, often with humor and references to popular culture, making difficult subjects easy to understand and interesting to read.

Urban has also done public speaking engagements and has been interviewed by various media outlets. He has also used his blog to raise money for charitable causes. He also authored a book in 2020 named "How to Pick Your Life Partner: The Science-based Approach," which has been a bestseller on Amazon.

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