Michael Batko

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Michael Batko is the CEO of Startmate, Australia’s top startup accelerator program. He is a serial entrepreneur and investor with a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. Michael is a globally connected leader who is passionate about connecting startups, investors, and mentors to drive transformative change in Australia’s startup ecosystem.

Michael has been instrumental in building Startmate from the ground up over the past 10 years, transforming it from a small group of passionate entrepreneurs to a world-class accelerator. He has led the successful acceleration of over 80 startups, raising over $200 million of venture capital and generating more than $1 billion in total value.

Michael has a wealth of experience in the startup space, having founded and grown numerous companies, including a software development studio, a digital media agency, and a venture capital firm. He is a mentor, investor, and advisor to a variety of startups, both in Australia and overseas.

Michael’s passion for creating an entrepreneurial culture in Australia is evident in his leadership of Startmate, where he has established an unparalleled program for founders to learn, grow, and scale their businesses. He was also instrumental in developing the Startmate Fellowship, a program designed to support and empower female founders in the tech space.

Michael’s passion for startups and his commitment to developing the Australian startup ecosystem have seen him awarded the Australian Financial Review’s 2016 Startup CEO of the Year and the 2017 BRW Young Rich List award for his contribution to the startup community.

Michael’s enthusiasm and drive to make a real impact on the Australian startup landscape are inspiring, and he is a true leader in the startup space. With a wealth of experience in the startup space and a passion for innovation, Michael is set to continue to drive Startmate to new heights.