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Patrick Rothfuss is an American author best known for his "The Kingkiller Chronicle" series, which includes the novels "The Name of the Wind" and "The Wise Man's Fear."

"The Name of the Wind" is the first book in the series and introduces readers to the character of Kvothe, a legendary and powerful wizard and musician. The novel is written from the point of view of Kvothe and tells the story of his childhood, the loss of his family, and his rise to fame as a student at a prestigious magic school.

"The Wise Man's Fear" is the second book in the series, which picks up where "The Name of the Wind" left off and follows Kvothe as he continues his story and searches for the truth about his family.

The third and final book of the series is expected to be "The Doors of Stone," but there is no official release date yet. Rothfuss has also written several other books, such as "The Slow Regard of Silent Things, " a novella that takes place in the world of Kingkiller Chronicle, and "The Adventures of the Princess and Mr. Whiffle: The Thing Beneath the Bed" a children's book.

Rothfuss' writing has been praised for its imaginative world-building, complex characters, and lush prose. In addition, he is known for his engaging, suspenseful storytelling, wisdom, and humor. He has won several awards, including the Quill Award, the David Gemmell Legend Award, and the Hugo Award for Best Novel, and has been a New York Times bestseller.

He is also active in charitable works, particularly for organizations that benefit children, education, and literacy.

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The Name of the Wind