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Scott Adams is an American cartoonist, writer, and businessman best known for creating the popular comic strip Dilbert. Adams has achieved considerable success as a cartoonist, author, and entrepreneur. He has been described as a "genius" and a "Renaissance man" due to his wide range of talents and interests.

Adams began drawing Dilbert while working as a bank teller in 1989, and it quickly became a hit. The strip was syndicated shortly thereafter and soon became a staple in newspapers around the world. In addition to creating Dilbert, Adams has written many books, including The Dilbert Principle and Dogbert's Clues for the Clueless.

Adams has also been very successful in business. He co-founded a software company called Adams-Martin Group in 1991 and sold it in 1998 for a reported $100 million. He then went on to develop an online comic strip called "The Dilbert Zone," which he sold to United Media in 1999.

Adams has also become a popular speaker and motivational coach. He has been a keynote speaker at numerous events, including the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. He is an outspoken advocate for business-minded individuals, and his books and talks often focus on how to be successful in business.

Adams has achieved considerable success in his career and is widely admired for his creativity, intelligence, and success. He is an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and cartoonists alike and continues to be a leader in the world of business and cartooning.

In addition to his business and cartooning endeavors, Adams is also a passionate philanthropist. He has supported a number of charitable causes, including education and poverty alleviation. Adams also founded the Scott Adams Foundation, which provides grants to charitable organizations around the world.

Adams is also a vocal supporter of free enterprise and free markets. He is an outspoken critic of government regulation and government interference in the free market. He has written several books on the topic, including The Dilbert Future and Free Market Revolution.

Adams is a highly respected figure in the world of business and cartooning. He is an inspiration to many and continues to be a leader in the world of business and cartooning.

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