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David Allen is an American productivity consultant and author best known for his book "Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity." The book, first published in 2001, has become a best-seller and has been translated into over 28 languages. It sets out a system for managing tasks and projects called "Getting Things Done," or GTD for short. It emphasizes the importance of precise goal setting, planning, and organization to increase productivity and reduce stress. The book has been highly influential and spawned a whole productivity training and consulting industry. 

David Allen began his career as a management consultant and corporate trainer, working with various organizations to help them improve their productivity and performance. He developed the principles outlined in "Getting Things Done" while working with clients and eventually published the book in 2001. Since then, he has become a well-known productivity expert, consultant, and speaker addition; he has continued to write and publish books and articles on productivity. He founded the David Allen Company, which provides coaching and training to individuals and organizations on implementing the GTD method.

In addition to his consulting and training work, he's been a keynote speaker for many events, sharing the stage with other leading experts on Personal Development and Productivity. He also created a certification program for trainers and coaches who want to teach the Getting Things Done methodology. Allen has also been a guest speaker on various popular podcasts, such as Tim Ferris's show and Marie Forleo's show. He remains a respected voice in the productivity and personal development community.

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