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World of Numbers

384 pages, 2015

science & nature

science & nature

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Australia’s funniest mathematician is back with a fascinating snapshot of the world of numbers. He answers questions like: What’s a firkin? Is a tardigrade animal, vegetable, or mineral? How fast is Usain Bolt … really?

 And what’s the record for the most lobster rolls eaten in 10 minutes? All these questions and more are answered in Adam Spencer’s World of Numbers. This is a book for young and old – for anyone who’s ever wondered how things work, who loves puzzles and numbers, or is just plain curious about the wonderful world around us. 

After his bestselling Big Book of Numbers, this volume will delight readers young and old with its playful humor and wealth of interesting facts.

Numbers are Everywhere

Adam Spencer's World of Numbers shows us that numbers are not just for mathematicians, they are everywhere. From the patterns in nature to the structure of the universe, numbers play a crucial role. So, next time you see a number, don't just pass by, take a moment to appreciate its significance.

Math Can Be Fun

Who said math has to be boring? In World of Numbers, Spencer proves that math can be fun and engaging. He presents numbers in a way that's easy to understand and enjoyable. So, if you've always found math to be a bit dull, this book might just change your mind.

Numbers Tell Stories

Spencer shows us that numbers can tell fascinating stories. From the number of petals on a flower to the number of stars in the sky, every number has a tale to tell. So, next time you come across a number, try to find out its story.

Numbers are Powerful

In World of Numbers, you'll see that numbers are not just symbols on a page, they are powerful tools. They can help us understand the world, solve problems, and even predict the future. So, don't underestimate the power of numbers.

Numbers are Beautiful

Spencer makes us realize that numbers are not just practical, they are also beautiful. They have an elegance and symmetry that can be truly mesmerizing. So, next time you look at a number, try to see its beauty.


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