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The Descent of Man

160 pages, 2016



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Grayson Perry has been thinking about masculinity - what it is, how it operates, and why little boys are thought to be made of slugs and snails - since he was a boy. Now, in this funny and necessary book, he turns round to look at men with a clear eye and asks, what sort of men would make the world a better place, for everyone?

 What would happen if we rethought the old, macho, outdated version of manhood, and embraced a different idea of what makes a man? The real benefit might be that a newly fitted masculinity will allow men to have better relationships - and that's happiness, right?

 Grayson Perry admits he's not immune from the stereotypes himself - as the psychoanalysts say if you spot it, you've got it - and his thoughts on everything from power to physical appearance, from emotions to a brand new Manifesto for Men are shot through with honesty.

Exploring Masculinity

Grayson Perry takes a deep look into the concept of masculinity in 'The Descent of Man'. He challenges the traditional notions of manhood and encourages readers to explore their own understanding of what it means to be a man.

The Impact of Society

The book highlights how societal norms and expectations can shape our identities. Perry suggests that these norms can be harmful, especially when it comes to masculinity. It's a great read if you want to dig into the societal pressures men face.

The Role of Art

As an artist himself, Perry uses art as a medium to express his thoughts on masculinity. He believes that art can be a powerful tool to challenge and change societal norms. If you're interested in art and its impact on society, you should definitely check out this book.

The Need for Change

Perry argues that the traditional concept of masculinity is outdated and needs to change. He believes that this change can lead to a more equal and understanding society. If you're looking for a book that encourages personal growth and societal change, 'The Descent of Man' is a must-read.

Personal Reflection

In 'The Descent of Man', Perry shares his own experiences and reflections on masculinity. This personal touch makes the book relatable and engaging. It's a great opportunity to see the world through someone else's eyes and perhaps find some common ground.

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Grayson Perry's 'The Descent of Man' is a thought-provoking exploration of masculinity that challenges the status quo and encourages us to rethink our preconceived notions.

Elif ShafakElif Shafak - Turkish-British novelist

Perry's 'The Descent of Man' is a profound and insightful examination of the male identity, offering a fresh perspective on the subject.

Simon SchamaSimon Schama - Historian, TV presenter

In 'The Descent of Man', Perry brilliantly dissects the complexities of masculinity, providing a compelling read that is both enlightening and entertaining.

Mary BeardMary Beard - Classicist, Author

Grayson Perry's 'The Descent of Man' is a fascinating exploration of masculinity, offering a unique and insightful perspective on the subject.

David MitchellDavid Mitchell - Comedian, Actor

Perry's 'The Descent of Man' is a powerful and thought-provoking examination of masculinity, challenging our preconceptions and encouraging us to think more deeply about the subject.

Zadie SmithZadie Smith - Novelist, Essayist
Elif ShafakSimon SchamaMary BeardDavid MitchellZadie Smith