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The Beginning of Infinity

487 pages, 2012

science & nature

science & nature

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A game-changing exploration of how we can solve seemingly unsolvable problems and achieve progress that is limitless by David Deutsch, a leading physicist, and an amazing writer.

Packed with humor, rich examples and lots of insight, The Beginning of Infinity explains the conditions under which progress can happen, why scientists have made so many errors in the past, what the most important unsolved problems are, and what it will take to keep progressing into the future.

Deutsch probed all areas of knowledge- among them philosophy, science, mathematics, politics, art, and morals- showing how we form new theories and drop bad ones by improving explanations. This book is strongly recommended for anyone who is curious about scientific principles or human nature in general!

The Power of Knowledge

In The Beginning of Infinity, David Deutsch explores the idea that knowledge has infinite potential. He believes that there are no limits to what we can understand and achieve. This is a powerful concept that can inspire us to keep learning and pushing our boundaries.

The Importance of Creativity

Deutsch emphasizes the role of creativity in problem-solving. He suggests that innovative thinking is the key to overcoming challenges and making progress. So, if you're feeling stuck, try to think outside the box and come up with new solutions.

The Role of Science

The book encourages us to see science not just as a collection of facts, but as a tool for understanding the world. Deutsch argues that scientific theories are our best explanations of reality. So, if you're curious about how things work, you might want to dig deeper into science.

The Concept of Optimism

Deutsch promotes an optimistic view of the future. He believes that, with the right knowledge and creativity, we can solve any problem that comes our way. This can be a great motivation for us to stay positive and keep striving for our goals.

The Critique of Induction

In The Beginning of Infinity, Deutsch critiques the idea of induction, the belief that the future will resemble the past. He argues that this is a limiting perspective that can hinder our progress. So, let's not be afraid to challenge our assumptions and explore new possibilities.

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The Beginning of Infinity by David Deutsch is quite good. It's really quite an interesting book.

Elon MuskElon Musk - Tesla, SpaceX CEO

David Deutsch's The Beginning of Infinity is a brilliant and exhilarating and profoundly eccentric book. It's one of the most ambitious works of nonfiction I've ever read.

Sam HarrisSam Harris - Author, Neuroscientist

The Beginning of Infinity by David Deutsch is a must-read. It's a deep, philosophical book about the power of human knowledge.

Peter ThielPeter Thiel - PayPal Co-founder

The Beginning of Infinity is a mind-bending book. It's one of those books that after you read it, your perspective on the world is never the same.

Tim FerrissTim Ferriss - Author, Entrepreneur

David Deutsch's The Beginning of Infinity is a supremely ambitious book. It's a stunning testament to the power of human curiosity.

Richard DawkinsRichard Dawkins - Evolutionary Biologist
Elon MuskSam HarrisPeter ThielTim FerrissRichard Dawkins


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