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The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

184 pages, 2013

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Benjamin Franklin, widely known as the statesman who helped draft the Declaration of Independence, invented the lightning rod, and founded both the University of Pennsylvania and the American Philosophical Society, was a prolific author. 

In his autobiography, Franklin's writing style is direct and clear as he recounts his early days in Boston, tracing his family tree to the first Ben Franklin (who died in 1657), describing his work as a printer, and recounting his days as an inventor.

The Power of Self-Education

Benjamin Franklin was a strong advocate for self-education. He believed that anyone could learn anything if they put their mind to it. He himself was a self-taught man who became a successful inventor, writer, and statesman. So, if you're feeling stuck, remember Franklin's story and know that you have the power to educate yourself and change your life.

The Importance of Hard Work

Franklin's autobiography shows us that there's no substitute for hard work. He started from humble beginnings and through sheer determination and relentless effort, he became one of the most influential figures in American history. So, if you're looking for a book that will inspire you to roll up your sleeves and get to work, this is it.

The Value of Humility

Despite his many accomplishments, Franklin always remained humble. He understood that arrogance can lead to downfall and that humility is a virtue that can lead to great success. So, if you're looking to cultivate humility in your life, Franklin's autobiography is a great place to start.

The Art of Diplomacy

Franklin was a master diplomat. His autobiography provides a fascinating look into his diplomatic strategies and how he used them to navigate complex political situations. If you're interested in politics or want to improve your negotiation skills, you'll find a lot of valuable insights in this book.

The Pursuit of Virtue

Franklin was a man of virtue. He believed in living a moral life and constantly strived to improve himself. His autobiography is filled with his thoughts on virtue and his attempts to live by his own moral code. If you're looking to explore the concept of virtue and how it can impact your life, this book is a must-read.

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Franklin's autobiography, packed with his insights, his humor, and his shrewdness, is the best autobiography ever written, in my opinion.

Walter IsaacsonWalter Isaacson - Biographer, Journalist

Franklin's autobiography is a mirror reflecting the most distinguished and engaging features of American character.

John AdamsJohn Adams - 2nd U.S. President

Franklin's autobiography is the most fascinating of human documents. It is the record of a life that touched every phase of American development.

Woodrow WilsonWoodrow Wilson - 28th U.S. President

Franklin's autobiography is the most remarkable of all the remarkable histories of our self-made men.

Mark TwainMark Twain - Author, Humorist

Franklin's autobiography is the embodiment of the American dream because it tells the life story of a man who started from nothing and ended up being everything.

D.H. LawrenceD.H. Lawrence - Novelist, Poet
Walter IsaacsonJohn AdamsWoodrow WilsonMark TwainD.H. Lawrence


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