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Alice in Wonderland

184 pages, 2020



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A guy from humble beginnings who became an English teacher developed Alibaba into one of the world's largest firms, an e-commerce empire on which hundreds of millions of Chinese consumers rely. It is China's version of eBay and Amazon rolled into one. 

The IPO in 2014 was the world's largest ever. Jack is an emblem of China's burgeoning private sector, and he is a Rockefeller of his generation, courted by CEOs and Presidents across the world. 

Duncan Clark met Jack in the flat where he established Alibaba in 1999. Clark draws on his own experience as an early advisor to Alibaba and two decades in China chronicling the Internet's impact on the country to create an authoritative, compelling narrative account of Alibaba's rise, with unprecedented access to a wealth of new material, including exclusive interviews.


Naval Ravikant

Naval Ravikant

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Sahil Lavingia

Sahil Lavingia

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