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300 Arguments

104 pages, 2017

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I read sad stories to inoculate myself against grief. I watch action movies to identify with the quick-witted heroes. Both the same fantasy: I’ll escape the worst of it. ―from 300 Arguments

A “Proustian minimalist on the order of Lydia Davis” (Kirkus Reviews), Sarah Manguso is one of the finest literary artists at work today. To read her work is to witness acrobatic acts of compression in the service of extraordinary psychological and spiritual insight.

300 Arguments, a foray into the frontier of contemporary nonfiction writing, is at first glance a group of unrelated aphorisms. But, as in the work of David Markson, the pieces reveal themselves as a masterful arrangement that steadily gathers power.

Manguso’s arguments about desire, ambition, relationships, and failure are pithy, unsentimental, and defiant, and they add up to an unexpected and renegade wisdom literature.

The Power of Brevity

Sarah Manguso's 300 Arguments is a testament to the power of brevity. She shows us that you don't need a lot of words to make a point or tell a story. It's a great reminder to keep things simple and concise in our own writing and communication.

Life's Big Questions

The book encourages us to explore life's big questions. Manguso tackles topics like love, death, and the meaning of life in her short arguments. It's a great book to pick up if you're in the mood for some deep thinking.

The Beauty of Ambiguity

Manguso's arguments often leave a lot to interpretation. She doesn't always provide clear answers, but rather invites us to find our own. This can be a great exercise in critical thinking and personal reflection.

A Unique Writing Style

One of the most striking things about 300 Arguments is its unique writing style. The book is composed entirely of short, standalone arguments, which makes it a quick and engaging read. If you're looking for something different, this book is definitely worth checking out.

The Art of Observation

Sarah Manguso has a keen eye for observation. She finds profound meaning in everyday experiences and encourages us to do the same. By reading this book, you might start to see the world in a new light.

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Sarah Manguso's 300 Arguments is a tiny book with the power of a sledgehammer. It's a book to be savored, to be read slowly, and then to be reread, and then to be read again.

John D'AgataJohn D'Agata - Essayist, Author

300 Arguments by Sarah Manguso is a work of genius. It's a book that's simultaneously light and dark, funny and serious. It's a book that's both deeply personal and universal.

Jenny OffillJenny Offill - Novelist, Editor

Sarah Manguso's 300 Arguments is a book that's both profound and profoundly simple. It's a book that gets to the heart of what it means to be human.

David ShieldsDavid Shields - Novelist, Essayist

300 Arguments by Sarah Manguso is a book that's both deeply philosophical and deeply personal. It's a book that challenges and provokes, that makes you think and feel.

Maggie NelsonMaggie Nelson - Poet, Critic

Sarah Manguso's 300 Arguments is a book that's both intimate and expansive. It's a book that's both a meditation on life and a celebration of it.

Ben MarcusBen Marcus - Author, Professor
John D'AgataJenny OffillDavid ShieldsMaggie NelsonBen Marcus


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