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Sam Parker co-founded InspireYourPeople.com in 1998 after selling for 10 years in various industries (office products, financial services, pharmaceuticals, joint replacements, and software). In the beginning, he built an online community and resource for sales managers and professionals called JustSell.com. Over time, he developed other content-rich websites for different leadership audiences, supporting the work through corporate sponsorships (advertising). 

A few years in, as a personal project, Parker wrote the first version of a short book called 212º the extra degree (pronounced two-twelve … over a million copies sold at this point). It helps people better understand and embrace how a little extra effort and attention can have a big impact on our results and relationships. It continues to be a helpful message to a lot of people and organizations. As the recession of 2008-09 lingered, he shifted his business from an advertising-supported model to one that published short books, videos, and other reinforcement products. That change was the spark to writing and developing four other messages…

Lead Simply (a real-world framework for creating a special team of people), Cross The Line (a commitment to work, focus, and resilience), Smile & Move (a reminder to happily serve), Love Your People (a call to care more for those we lead and serve)

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212: The Extra Degree

Tony Hsieh