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Ben Yoskovitz is the Founding Partner at Highline BETA, a startup co-creation company. He is also a Co-Author of Lean Analytics and a former VP of VarageSale and GoInstant, which were sold to Salesforce. Brian Ardinger, Inside Outside innovation Founder, talks with Ben about corporate-startup collaboration. Ben started his first company in 1996 at University, where he got into tech and entrepreneurship. 

Since that time, he founded several other companies, ran products, and started one of the first accelerators in Canada called Year 1 labs. Ben applied the Lean Startup methodology to the companies they invested in, then wrote the book Lean Analytics. Soon he began angel investing and finally launched Highline BETA.

Benjamin Yoskovitz is a serial entrepreneur with more than twenty years of experience in web businesses. He started his first company in 1996 while completing university. In 2007 he cofounded Standout Jobs, a B2B software company in the recruitment space. The company raised $1.8 million from venture and angel investors. In 2010 after exiting Standout Jobs, Ben co-founded Year One Labs. 

Ben has been blogging since 2006. His Instigator Blog is recognized as one of the top blogs on startups and entrepreneurship. Ben is also an active mentor to numerous startups and other accelerator programs, including FounderFuel (a TechStars-like program in Montreal.) He regularly speaks at startup conferences and events, including the Michigan Lean Startup Conference, Internet Marketing Conference, etc.

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