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This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage

306 pages, 2014

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biographies & memoirs

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Ann Patchett, the author of State of Wonder, Run, and Bel Canto, examines the relationships that have shaped her life in her new book This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage. The book blends memoir and literature to create a captivating portrait of Ann's life. 

It spans from infancy to the present day and touches on a variety of issues such as family and friend connections, the hard work, and the delights she finds in writing and starting her own bookshop. We get to know Ann as a daughter and a wife as she reveals stories about the people, places, values, and art that have remained important to her throughout her life.

Understanding the Complexity of Relationships

Ann Patchett explores the intricate dynamics of relationships, particularly marriage, in her book. She encourages readers to look into their own relationships and understand that they are not always black and white, but often filled with shades of grey.

The Importance of Commitment

Patchett emphasizes the significance of commitment in any relationship. She suggests that it's not just about love, but also about sticking through the tough times. This is a great reminder for anyone in a relationship to check their level of commitment.

The Power of Storytelling

In 'This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage', Patchett showcases her storytelling prowess. She invites readers to see the beauty in everyday life and find their own stories to tell. This could inspire you to dig into your own experiences and share them with others.

Exploring Personal Growth

The book is not just about relationships, but also about personal growth. Patchett shares her journey of self-discovery and encourages readers to embark on their own. This could be a great starting point for anyone looking to explore their own personal development.

The Value of Happiness

Patchett reminds us that happiness is not a destination, but a journey. She suggests that it's not about achieving a 'happy marriage' or a 'happy life', but about finding joy in the process. This could be a great reminder for anyone who is constantly chasing after happiness.

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Ann Patchett's 'This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage' is a treasure - a collection of essays that will alternately make you laugh, cry, and recognize yourself. It's like gossiping with an old friend - you know you are in good hands.

Elizabeth GilbertElizabeth Gilbert - Author, 'Eat, Pray, Love'

Ann Patchett's 'This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage' is a must-read. It's a collection of essays that are so personal, so insightful, and so beautifully written, you'll feel like you're reading a letter from your best friend.

Oprah WinfreyOprah Winfrey - Media executive, Actress

Ann Patchett's 'This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage' is a beautiful exploration of love, life, and the bonds that tie us together. It's a book that will touch your heart and make you appreciate the relationships in your life.

Reese WitherspoonReese Witherspoon - Actress, Producer
Elizabeth GilbertOprah WinfreyReese Witherspoon


Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon