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Think on Your Feet

256 pages, 2019

business & management

business & management

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Work is full of situations outside your control. A job interviewer asks a question out of the left field, or a coworker puts you on the spot in front of the boss. Most people react to the unexpected with anxiety and unease.

 But some handle it with self-assurance and aplomb. They gain a sense of empowerment and energy when the pressure is on. Like great actors, they're able to think on their feet. The great thing is, improvement isn't about winging it or flying by the seat of your pants; improving at its core is about listening and responding. It's based on rules and techniques, and it taps directly into your soft communication skills.

Importance of Improvisation

Jen Oleniczak Brown emphasizes the importance of improvisation in communication. She believes that the ability to think quickly and respond effectively is a crucial skill in today's fast-paced world. So, take a look at how you can improve your improvisation skills.

The Power of Listening

The author highlights the power of active listening. She suggests that by truly listening to others, we can better understand their perspective and respond more effectively. So, explore ways to enhance your listening skills.

Embrace Uncertainty

Think on Your Feet encourages readers to embrace uncertainty. Jen Oleniczak Brown explains that uncertainty is not something to fear, but rather an opportunity for growth and learning. So, check out how you can start embracing uncertainty in your life.

The Role of Empathy

The book explores the role of empathy in effective communication. The author believes that understanding and sharing the feelings of others can greatly improve our interactions. So, research ways to increase your empathy.

Practical Exercises

Think on Your Feet is packed with practical exercises designed to improve your communication skills. The author provides a variety of exercises that you can use to practice and improve your ability to think on your feet. So, find out how you can start implementing these exercises in your daily life.


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Chelsea Krost

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