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Think Again

320 pages, 2021



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We've all heard about how intelligence is the ability to think, but there's another quality that might be more important in today's rapidly changing world: the ability to rethink. In our daily lives, too many of us favor the comfort of conviction over the discomfort of doubt. We listen to opinions that make us feel good, not ideas that make us think hard. We see disagreement as a threat to our egos rather than an opportunity to learn. 

Likewise, we surround ourselves with people who agree with our conclusions when we should be gravitating toward those who challenge our thought process. The result is that our beliefs get brittle long before our bones. We think too much like preachers defending their sacred beliefs and prosecutors proving others wrong instead of like scientists searching for truth."

The Power of Rethinking

In Think Again, Adam Grant explores the idea that our beliefs and opinions aren't set in stone. He encourages us to constantly reassess our views and be open to changing our minds. This is a powerful tool for personal growth and success.

Embrace Being Wrong

Grant suggests that being wrong isn't a bad thing. In fact, it's an opportunity to learn and grow. So, don't be afraid to question your beliefs and assumptions. You might find that you were wrong, and that's okay.

The Importance of Listening

Think Again emphasizes the importance of listening to others. By doing so, we can gain new perspectives and challenge our own beliefs. It's a great way to learn and grow, so make sure to listen more than you speak.

The Value of Doubt

Adam Grant shows us that doubt isn't a weakness, but a strength. It pushes us to question our beliefs and assumptions, leading to better decisions and ideas. So, don't be afraid to doubt. It's a valuable tool for growth.

The Role of Humility

In the book, Grant highlights the role of humility in rethinking. Recognizing that we don't know everything and being open to learning from others is key. So, embrace humility and be willing to learn and grow.

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Adam Grant's 'Think Again' is a must-read. It's a powerful tool that will help you question your beliefs and rethink your ideas.

Bill GatesBill Gates - Microsoft Co-founder

'Think Again' by Adam Grant is a game-changer. It will challenge you to reconsider your assumptions and inspire you to be more open-minded.

Brene BrownBrene Brown - Research Professor

Adam Grant's 'Think Again' is a masterclass in reevaluating your beliefs. It's a book that will make you rethink everything.

Daniel PinkDaniel Pink - Bestselling Author

'Think Again' is a revolutionary book. Adam Grant challenges us to reconsider our beliefs and embrace the unknown.

Susan CainSusan Cain - Author, Speaker
Bill GatesBrene BrownDaniel PinkSusan Cain


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Melinda Gates


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