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The Woman in White

720 pages, 2003



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One night, as I walked down a moonlit London street, a woman appeared in front of me. She wore an all-white outfit and had long blonde hair. The Woman in White is the first book in English to be classified as a sensation novel. 

It opens with Walter Hartright's eerie encounter on a moonlit London road. Engaged as a drawing master to the beautiful Laura Fairlie, Walter becomes embroiled in the sinister intrigues of Sir Percival Glyde and his charming friend Count Fosco, who has a taste for white mice, vanilla bonbons, and poison. Pursuing questions of identity and insanity along the paths and corridors of English country houses and the madhouse, The Woman in White is an influential novel that combines Gothic horror with psychological realism.

 Matthew Sweet's introduction explores the phenomenon of Victorian sensation fiction, discussing Wilkie Collins's biographical influences.

The Power of Women

Wilkie Collins' The Woman in White shows us the strength and resilience of women. Despite the societal constraints of the Victorian era, the female characters in the book are not afraid to stand up for themselves and fight for their rights. This book encourages us to explore the power within us, regardless of our gender.

The Importance of Truth

The Woman in White is a testament to the importance of truth. The characters in the book go through great lengths to uncover the truth, showing us that honesty and integrity are values that should never be compromised. It's a great reminder to always seek the truth in our own lives.

The Dangers of Greed

In his book, Collins paints a vivid picture of how greed can lead to downfall. The characters who are driven by greed end up facing severe consequences. This is a great lesson for us to check our own desires and ensure they don't lead us down a destructive path.

The Role of Class and Society

The Woman in White gives us a glimpse into the class dynamics of the Victorian era. It shows how societal norms and expectations can influence our actions and decisions. This book encourages us to research and understand the impact of societal pressures on our lives.

The Thrill of Mystery

If you're a fan of mystery and suspense, you'll love The Woman in White. Collins masterfully weaves a tale that keeps you on the edge of your seat. It's a great reminder of the joy of reading and the excitement that a good book can bring into our lives.

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The Woman in White is a masterpiece of suspense and intrigue, a pioneer in the genre of detective fiction.

Dorothy L. SayersDorothy L. Sayers - British crime writer

The Woman in White is a remarkable piece of work, a novel that has greatly influenced the genre of mystery and detective fiction.

T.S. EliotT.S. Eliot - Poet, essayist, publisher

The Woman in White is a novel that has left a profound impact on the world of literature, a true classic.

Jorge Luis BorgesJorge Luis Borges - Argentine short-story writer
Dorothy L. SayersT.S. EliotJorge Luis Borges


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Lena Dunham


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