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The Pumpkin Plan

240 pages, 2012

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business & management

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Each year, thousands of new companies are launched in the United States—with roughly 80% of them failing within five years. For entrepreneurs under such duress, it's easy to get caught up in a never-ending cycle of selling, leaving them exhausted, dissatisfied, and unable to advance, no matter how hard they work. 

Mike Michalowicz found himself in this predicament when he was trying to establish his first company. Even though it was profitable, there was never much left over, and he was chasing consumers down every which way—working twenty-eight-hour days, eight days per week.

 The torturous grind continued unabated. His company was still alive, but it was suffering from malnutrition; it couldn't grow from being malnourished. That's when he came across a surprising source of inspiration: pumpkin growers.

Identify Your Best Clients

In The Pumpkin Plan, Mike Michalowicz encourages readers to take a look at their client list and identify their best clients. These are the ones who bring in the most revenue and are a joy to work with. By focusing on these clients, you can grow your business more effectively.

Fire Your Worst Clients

Michalowicz also suggests that you should not be afraid to let go of your worst clients. These are the ones who drain your resources and energy. By doing this, you can free up more time and resources to serve your best clients better.

Nurture Your Business Like a Pumpkin

The book's title, The Pumpkin Plan, comes from the idea that you should nurture your business like a giant pumpkin. This means you should focus on the most promising parts of your business and cut off anything that isn't contributing to its growth.

Understand Your Unique Offering

Michalowicz encourages readers to dig into what makes their business unique. What do you offer that no one else does? Understanding this can help you stand out in the market and attract more of your best clients.

Create a Plan and Stick to It

Finally, The Pumpkin Plan emphasizes the importance of having a clear plan for your business and sticking to it. This includes setting clear goals, creating a strategy to achieve them, and regularly checking in on your progress. This way, you can stay focused and keep your business on track.

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The Pumpkin Plan is a game changer. It's a must-read for any entrepreneur who wants to break away from the pack and achieve a new level of success.

Chris GuillebeauChris Guillebeau - Non-fiction author

The Pumpkin Plan is a strategy that will revolutionize your business. It's not about doing more, it's about doing better.

Michael E. GerberMichael E. Gerber - Business author

The Pumpkin Plan is a book that simplifies the path to success. It's a must-read for any entrepreneur who wants to grow their business.

Verne HarnishVerne Harnish - Entrepreneur, author
Chris GuillebeauMichael E. GerberVerne Harnish


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