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The Promise of a Pencil

288 pages, 2015

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The inspirational story of a young guy who gave up his Wall Street job to build schools for kids in developing countries and how you can embark on your own grand, meaningful adventure.  

When Adam Braun was 16, he got his first job on Wall Street and was on his way to a successful career. But while traveling to India one summer, he met a kid who asked him for a pencil—and the encounter changed everything. 

This simple request sent Braun on a long trip around the world, where he met hundreds of kids in need and got inspired to help them build schools. Along the way, he learned some valuable lessons about giving back and what being successful really means.

The Power of Small Beginnings

In The Promise of a Pencil, Adam Braun started his journey with just a single pencil. He shows us that even the smallest beginnings can lead to great things. So, don't be afraid to start small, you never know where it might lead you.

The Importance of Purpose

Braun left a lucrative career to pursue his passion for education. He emphasizes the importance of finding your purpose and following it, even if it means taking risks. Check out his journey to see how fulfilling a life driven by purpose can be.

The Impact of Education

The Promise of a Pencil explores the transformative power of education. Braun's mission to build schools in developing countries highlights how education can change lives. It's a powerful reminder of the value of learning and knowledge.

The Value of Persistence

Braun faced numerous challenges in his quest to build schools. But he didn't give up. His story is a testament to the power of persistence. If you're facing obstacles, take a look at Braun's journey for some inspiration to keep going.

The Role of Empathy

In his book, Braun shows us the importance of empathy in making a difference. He listened to the needs of the communities he was helping, rather than imposing his own ideas. This approach led to more effective and sustainable solutions. It's a great lesson in the power of empathy.

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Adam Braun's book is a spot-on guide for anyone seeking to make a meaningful difference in this world.

Richard BransonRichard Branson - Business magnate, Philanthropist

Adam Braun's inspiring book is a blueprint for driving meaningful change in the world.

Arianna HuffingtonArianna Huffington - Author, Columnist

Adam Braun's book is a compelling and deeply moving account of his journey to create a promising future for children.

Deepak ChopraDeepak Chopra - Spiritual Guru, Author

Adam Braun's book is a must-read, offering a profound look into the power of transformative thinking.

Nicholas KristofNicholas Kristof - Journalist, Author

Adam Braun's book is a testament to the power of the human spirit to overcome adversity and create change.

Sophia BushSophia Bush - Actress, Activist
Richard BransonArianna HuffingtonDeepak ChopraNicholas KristofSophia Bush


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