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The Practice of the Presence of God

96 pages, 1982

spirituality & religion

spirituality & religion

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Brother Lawrence was a humble cook who discovered the greatest secret of living in God's kingdom on earth. He said that God paints Himself in the depths of our souls, and we must open our hearts to Him to be able to see Him. 

Brother Lawrence learned that we can foster God's deep presence in our hearts no matter what we are doing—whether answering questions from several people in the kitchen or on our knees in prayer. He learned to be completely happy because he could exclaim gleefully, I am doing now what I will do for all eternity. I'm thanking God, praising and worshiping Him, and loving Him completely. 

This timeless masterpiece has blessed and instructed those who can be happy with nothing less than knowing God in all His glory and experiencing His loving presence throughout each simple day. ‍

God is Everywhere

Brother Lawrence emphasizes that God is present in every moment and every place. He encourages us to explore this idea and see how it changes our perspective on daily life. This means that we can connect with God no matter where we are or what we're doing.

Prayer is a Lifestyle

The book suggests that prayer isn't just something we do at specific times, but a lifestyle. Brother Lawrence encourages us to make our entire lives a prayer by constantly communicating with God. This doesn't mean you have to be in a church or on your knees, you can chat with God while doing the dishes or walking the dog.

The Importance of Humility

Brother Lawrence stresses the importance of humility in our spiritual journey. He suggests that recognizing our own limitations and faults can help us grow closer to God. So, take a look at your own life and see where you can practice more humility.

Finding Joy in Ordinary Tasks

He teaches us to find joy in the mundane tasks of life by doing them for God. Whether it's washing dishes or sweeping floors, we can turn these ordinary tasks into acts of love for God. This can transform our attitude towards work and daily chores.

Continuous Conversation with God

The book encourages us to maintain a continuous, intimate conversation with God. This doesn't mean just talking, but also listening to what God has to say. So, take some time each day to quiet your mind and listen for God's voice.

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The Practice of the Presence of God is a book of collected teachings that are timeless and relevant. It is a profound reminder to direct our minds in God's presence.

A.W. TozerA.W. Tozer - Christian pastor, author

Brother Lawrence's book is a timeless guide to living in God's presence and finding joy and peace.

Richard J. FosterRichard J. Foster - Christian theologian, author

The Practice of the Presence of God is a landmark in the spiritual life. It is a book that calls for a profound change in the life of a Christian.

Dallas WillardDallas Willard - Philosopher, speaker
A.W. TozerRichard J. FosterDallas Willard


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