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The Intention Imperative

144 pages, 2019



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Today's leaders face many challenges in their jobs; however, the stakes are higher than ever before. They need to be able to lead their companies with clarity and confidence. Mark Sanborn, a well-known leadership expert, explains how to achieve breakthrough success as a leader. 

Leaders need to focus on culture, inspiration and emotion every day in order to lead powerfully in the world that is—not the world that was. The three imperatives of intentional leadership include culture, inspiration and emotion--all of which will help your company succeed.

The Power of Intention

In The Intention Imperative, Mark Sanborn explores the idea that intention is the driving force behind success. It's not enough to just do things; you need to do them with a clear purpose and goal in mind. So, take a look at your own actions. Are they purpose-driven?

The 3P Leadership Model

Sanborn introduces a new leadership model in his book - the 3P Leadership Model. It stands for Purpose, Performance, and Principle. He suggests that leaders should not only focus on performance but also on purpose and principles. It's a fresh perspective worth checking out.

The Importance of Culture

The book emphasizes the importance of creating a positive and productive culture in the workplace. Sanborn believes that a strong culture can drive performance and success. So, take some time to research and see if your workplace culture needs a revamp.

The Role of Innovation

Innovation is a key theme in The Intention Imperative. Sanborn argues that to stay ahead in today's fast-paced world, businesses need to constantly innovate and adapt. So, find ways to encourage innovation in your own life and work.

The Value of Customer Experience

Sanborn also highlights the importance of providing an exceptional customer experience. He believes that businesses that prioritize their customers' needs and experiences will thrive. So, take a look at how you can improve your own customer interactions.

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Mark Sanborn's 'The Intention Imperative' is a game-changer. It's a must-read for anyone who wants to make a difference.

John C. MaxwellJohn C. Maxwell - Leadership Expert

Mark Sanborn's 'The Intention Imperative' is a powerful tool for leaders. It's a must-read for anyone who wants to lead with intention.

Ken BlanchardKen Blanchard - Management Expert
John C. MaxwellKen Blanchard