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The Easy Way to Stop Smoking

280 pages, 2011



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Born in England, Allen Carr began smoking at age nine. For the next fifteen years, he smoked around three packs of cigarettes a day. In 1983, after trying and failing to quit many times with no lasting success, he decided to investigate the methods used by those who succeeded. He discovered that there were two major reasons why those who tried to quit couldn’t: First, they didn’t know how they would react to being deprived of the nicotine they had become physically dependent on; second, they didn’t know how to handle their feelings of stress and anxiety when faced with situations that produced cravings for a cigarette—the psychological withdrawal symptoms. Using what he learned as a basis for his revolutionary system, Allen Carr was able to quit smoking himself after five minutes and remains so today. His unique method turned out to be effective for countless others as well. It is simple but powerful: Learn about why you smoke and how you can deal effectively with withdrawal symptoms when they arise; avoid situations where you might fail; stay committed far enough that 100 percent of your physical dependence on nicotine is removed from your body—and then be sure never to take another puff! Simple way explanation.

Understanding the Illusion of Smoking

Allen Carr explains that smoking is not a genuine pleasure or crutch, but an illusion. He encourages readers to explore this concept and see smoking for what it truly is - a harmful addiction.

The Fear of Quitting

The book digs into the fear associated with quitting smoking. Carr reassures readers that this fear is just another trick of the nicotine addiction, and that quitting is not as scary as it seems.

The Easy Way Method

Carr introduces his 'Easy Way' method to stop smoking. This method doesn't rely on willpower, but rather on understanding and changing your perspective on smoking. It's worth taking a look at this unique approach.

The Role of Nicotine

The book explores the role of nicotine in the addiction process. Carr explains how nicotine creates a false sense of relief, which traps smokers in a vicious cycle. This research can help you understand why it's so hard to quit.

Life After Smoking

Finally, Carr paints a vivid picture of life after smoking. He encourages readers to imagine a smoke-free life, filled with better health, more energy, and freedom from addiction. This can be a powerful motivator to check out the book and start your journey to quit smoking.

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Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking Program achieved for me a thing that I thought was not possible - to give up a thirty year smoking habit literally overnight. It was nothing short of a miracle.

Sir Richard BransonSir Richard Branson - Business magnate, author

Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking Program was such a revelation that instantly I was freed from my addiction.

Anthony HopkinsAnthony Hopkins - Actor, director, producer

If you want to quit smoking, read this book: Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking. I quit, like, 18 years ago and used his method.

Ashton KutcherAshton Kutcher - Actor, producer, entrepreneur

Everybody who reads this book stops smoking!

Ellen DeGeneresEllen DeGeneres - Comedian, television host
Sir Richard BransonAnthony HopkinsAshton KutcherEllen DeGeneres


Nikki Glaser

Nikki Glaser

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres

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