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The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis

752 pages, 2010



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Collected here for the first time, Lydia Davis’s remarkable stories are among the most original and influential creative achievements of our time. From her breakthrough collection Break It Down (1986) to the 2007 National Book Award nominee Varieties of Disturbance, Davis has been praised by writers like Susan Sontag as “an American virtuoso of the short story form. ” Now with new forewords by Jonathan Franzen, Zadie Smith and Umberto Eco, The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis is an event in American letters.

Exploring the Power of Brevity

Lydia Davis shows us that a story doesn't need to be long to be impactful. She masterfully crafts short stories that leave a lasting impression. You'll find yourself thinking about them long after you've finished reading.

Unconventional Storytelling

Davis breaks the traditional rules of storytelling. She doesn't always provide a clear beginning, middle, and end. Instead, she invites you to explore the story and find your own interpretation.

The Beauty of Everyday Life

The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis encourages you to see the beauty in the mundane. Davis finds inspiration in everyday life and turns it into compelling literature. It's a reminder to appreciate the little things around us.

Mastering the Art of Observation

Davis has a keen eye for detail. She observes the world around her and translates it into her stories. This book will inspire you to look at your surroundings more closely and find stories in unexpected places.

Emotional Depth and Complexity

Despite their brevity, Davis's stories are emotionally rich and complex. She explores a wide range of human emotions and experiences, making her characters relatable and real. You'll find yourself deeply invested in their lives.

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Lydia Davis's stories are a revelation. They are like nothing else in literature today.

Jonathan FranzenJonathan Franzen - Contemporary American novelist

Lydia Davis is one of the most original minds in American fiction today.

Rick MoodyRick Moody - American novelist, short-story writer

Lydia Davis's work is a masterclass in economy and precision.

David Foster WallaceDavid Foster Wallace - Influential American author

Lydia Davis's stories are a marvel of wit, insight, and brevity.

Joy WilliamsJoy Williams - American short-story writer
Jonathan FranzenRick MoodyDavid Foster WallaceJoy Williams


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