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The Business Blockchain

208 pages, 2016

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The definitive pioneering blueprint covers the what, why, and how of the blockchain. The blockchain is a new technology layer that rewires the Internet and threatens to side-step older legacy constructs and centrally served businesses. At its core, a blockchain injects trust into the network, cutting off some intermediaries from serving that function and creatively disrupting how they operate. Metaphorically, blockchains are the ultimate non-stop computers. Once launched, they never go down, and offer an incredible amount of resiliency, making them dependable and attractive for running a new generation of decentralized services and software applications. ‍

Understanding Blockchain

In 'The Business Blockchain', William Mougayar explains the concept of blockchain in a simple and understandable way. He breaks down the complex technology into digestible parts, making it easier for readers to grasp the concept and its potential impact on businesses.

Blockchain's Potential

Mougayar explores the potential of blockchain technology beyond cryptocurrencies. He suggests that blockchain could revolutionize various industries, from finance to healthcare, by providing a secure and transparent way to record transactions.

The Future of Blockchain

The author believes that blockchain technology will play a significant role in the future of business. He encourages readers to research and understand this technology, as it could be a game-changer in the way businesses operate.

Blockchain Challenges

While Mougayar is optimistic about the future of blockchain, he also acknowledges the challenges it faces. He discusses the technical, regulatory, and cultural hurdles that need to be overcome for blockchain to reach its full potential.

Practical Applications of Blockchain

In 'The Business Blockchain', you'll find real-world examples of how blockchain is being used today. Mougayar provides these case studies to help readers see the practical applications of this technology and understand how it could be implemented in their own businesses.

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The Business Blockchain is a comprehensive guide that demystifies the complexities of blockchain technology and its potential applications in the business world.

Vitalik ButerinVitalik Buterin - Ethereum Co-Founder

William Mougayar's The Business Blockchain is a definitive exploration of blockchain technology's transformative potential.

Don TapscottDon Tapscott - Business Executive
Vitalik ButerinDon Tapscott


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Brad Feld

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