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The Brain That Changes Itself

427 pages, 2007

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Neuroplasticity: the brain's ability to change and rewire itself by forming new connections between its neurons in response to stimulation — is one of the most exciting frontiers in medicine today. It holds revolutionary implications for people with disabilities or brain damage such as strokes and spinal cord injuries, for people with learning disabilities (including dyslexia), attention deficit disorder (ADD), or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), for victims of brain trauma such as car accidents or falling off ladders — and for all of us as we grow older because it's our ability to change that determines how well we adjust to new challenges.

The Power of Neuroplasticity

In 'The Brain That Changes Itself', Norman Doidge explores the concept of neuroplasticity. He shows us that our brains are not hardwired as previously thought, but can change and adapt. This means we can learn new skills, recover from injuries, and improve our mental health, no matter our age.

The Brain's Ability to Heal

One of the most fascinating things you'll find in this book is the brain's ability to heal itself. Doidge shares numerous case studies where people have overcome severe mental and physical health issues through brain exercises and therapies. It's a testament to the power of the human mind.

The Role of Experience and Learning

The book also highlights how our experiences and learning shape our brains. Doidge explains that when we learn something new, our brain forms new connections. So, if you're looking to pick up a new hobby or skill, remember that you're also reshaping your brain in the process!

The Importance of Mental Exercise

Just like physical exercise keeps our bodies fit, mental exercise is crucial for our brain health. The author emphasizes that activities like reading, puzzles, and learning new skills can help keep our brains sharp and healthy. So, why not pick up a new book or start a new project today?

The Potential of Brain Therapy

Doidge's research in 'The Brain That Changes Itself' shows the potential of brain therapy in treating various conditions. From learning disorders to strokes, he provides evidence that targeted brain exercises can lead to significant improvements. It's a fascinating look into the future of medicine.

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The Brain That Changes Itself is a rich and inspiring book that provides a new understanding of the incredible adaptability of the human brain.

Oliver SacksOliver Sacks - Neurologist, Author

Doidge's book is a remarkable and hopeful portrait of the endless adaptability of the human brain.

V.S. RamachandranV.S. Ramachandran - Neuroscientist, Author

The Brain That Changes Itself is a breakthrough book that will change the way you think about the brain and its capacity for change.

Daniel AmenDaniel Amen - Psychiatrist, Author
Oliver SacksV.S. RamachandranDaniel Amen


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Josh Waitzkin

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