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The Book With No Pictures

48 pages, 2014



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Innovative, clever, and completely original, The Book With No Pictures brings nearly wordless picture books to a new level. A book with no pictures? What could be fun about that? After all, if a book has no pictures, there's nothing to look at but the words on the page. But this is not your ordinary book with words on it. In fact…there are no words at all, except for one: "What?" And you can say that out loud if you like -- because with no text to read and nothing written on any of its pages, this book offers unlimited opportunities for grown-ups to make up their own silly voices and act out both sides of every story.

The Power of Imagination

B.J. Novak's The Book With No Pictures encourages readers to use their imagination. Without any illustrations, the book relies on the reader's mind to create images. This is a great way to boost creativity and imagination in both kids and adults.

Humor is Essential

Novak's book is filled with humor and silliness. He shows us that reading can be fun and entertaining, not just educational. This book will make you laugh out loud and remind you not to take life too seriously.

The Importance of Reading Aloud

The Book With No Pictures is designed to be read aloud. It's a great reminder of the importance of reading to children, and how it can be a fun and bonding experience. So, grab a copy and enjoy some quality time with your little ones.

Breaking the Norms

Novak breaks the traditional norms of children's books by not including any pictures. This book shows us that it's okay to be different and to challenge the status quo. It's a great lesson for kids and adults alike to not be afraid of being unique.

Language and Word Play

The Book With No Pictures explores the fun side of language. Novak plays with words and sounds, making the reading experience interactive and engaging. It's a great way to introduce kids to the joy of language and word play.


John Maeda

John Maeda