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The Best Interface Is No Interface

242 pages, 2015



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 The average person checks their phone 150 times a day. At some point, you’ve had the experience of getting a message that someone wants to chat with you, and then opening Facebook or Twitter on your phone only to find that someone else has sent another message that requires a response. How many of those 150 taps could have been eliminated if only people understood the concept of asynchronous communication?

Question the Need for Interfaces

Golden Krishna challenges the conventional wisdom that more screens and apps make our lives better. Instead, he suggests that the best interface is no interface at all. So, next time you're designing a product, ask yourself if an interface is really necessary or if there's a more seamless solution.

Embrace Problem Solving

Krishna emphasizes the importance of solving real problems rather than creating flashy interfaces. He encourages us to dig deeper into the issues at hand and find innovative solutions that don't rely on screens. This approach can lead to more effective and user-friendly products.

Focus on User Experience

The book encourages us to prioritize user experience over interface design. Krishna argues that a good user experience doesn't always require an interface. Instead, it's about making tasks easier and more efficient for users. So, take a look at your product from the user's perspective and see how you can improve their experience.

Rethink the Role of Technology

Krishna invites us to rethink the role of technology in our lives. He suggests that technology should be a tool that helps us accomplish tasks, not a distraction that takes up our time and attention. So, consider how you can use technology to simplify tasks rather than complicate them.

Challenge the Status Quo

The Best Interface Is No Interface encourages us to challenge the status quo and think outside the box. Krishna shows us that there's always room for innovation and improvement, even in areas where we think everything has been done. So, don't be afraid to question existing practices and explore new ideas.

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Golden Krishna's book is a brilliant and important critique of our obsession with screens and technology.

John MaedaJohn Maeda - Graphic Designer

Golden Krishna's book is a wake-up call to the tech industry. It's time to move beyond screen-based thinking.

Don NormanDon Norman - Cognitive Scientist

Golden Krishna's book is a manifesto for a more humane design approach.

Bruce SterlingBruce Sterling - Science Fiction Author
John MaedaDon NormanBruce Sterling


George Hatzis

George Hatzis


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