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Professionals Adam Wathan and Steve Schoger are the authors of this book. It is written primarily for software developers who want to design their own digital products. The tone and style of the book is intended to be a practical guide to design in the digital world. The format of the book differs from other books on UI and UX design by focusing on UI-specific topics and providing valuable examples, pattern libraries, and advice that you can use to improve your own skills.
Understanding the Basics

In Refactoring UI, Adam Wathan emphasizes the importance of understanding the basics of design. He believes that anyone can become a good designer by learning the fundamental principles. So, take some time to explore the basics of color, typography, and layout.

Designing with Real Data

Wathan suggests that you should always design with real data. This means you should avoid using placeholder content and instead use actual content that reflects what users will see. This will help you create more realistic and effective designs.

Solving Problems, Not Creating Art

The book Refactoring UI encourages you to see design as a way to solve problems, not just create pretty pictures. This means you should focus on making your designs functional and easy to use, rather than just visually appealing.

Iterative Design Process

He also talks about the importance of an iterative design process. This means you should constantly be testing and refining your designs, based on feedback and user testing. So, don't be afraid to make changes and improvements as you go along.

Designing for Different Screens

Finally, the book encourages you to design for different screens. This means you should consider how your design will look on different devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers. So, always check your designs on different screens to ensure they work well everywhere.


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