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Charli Marie Prangley

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Charlotte Prangley, also known as Charli Marie, is a British graphic designer, illustrator, and creator of the popular design blog and YouTube channel "CharliMarieTV." She is known for her branding, web design, and illustration work, as well as her tutorials and lectures on design-related topics. She also started an online course on graphic design and Illustration, which has a good reputation for teaching beginner and intermediate students.

CharliMarieTV is a YouTube channel focusing on graphic design, illustration, and web design. It features a variety of tutorials, lectures, and other educational content for designers at all levels of experience. The channel has many subscribers, and its community highly values its content. It covers branding, logo design, typography, web design, and design software tutorials such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, etc.

Charli Marie has built a reputation for her high-quality work, strong design skills, and excellent social media following, and she is well-respected in the design community.