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We all have demons, psychological habits and behavioral patterns that have helped shape us—perhaps even making us highly accomplished individuals—but are also detrimental to our relationships and overall well-being. In his new book, The CEO Whisperer: How to Lead When You’re Not in Charge (Portfolio Hardcover 2018), venture capitalist turned executive coach Jerry Colonna shares his unusual yet highly effective blend of Buddhism, Jungian therapy, and straight talk to help you overcome your own demons. In the following excerpt from Chapter 3 of the book, Colonna provides a good example of how we can make material more accessible by rewriting it in our conversational style.
Embrace Vulnerability

In Reboot, Jerry Colonna encourages us to embrace our vulnerability. He believes that showing our true selves, including our fears and insecurities, can lead to stronger relationships and personal growth. So, don't be afraid to open up and show your true colors.

The Importance of Self-Inquiry

The book emphasizes the importance of self-inquiry. It's all about asking yourself the tough questions and digging deep into your thoughts and feelings. This process can help you understand yourself better and make more informed decisions in your life.

Radical Self-Reliance

Reboot teaches us the concept of radical self-reliance. It's not about isolating yourself, but rather about understanding that you have the power to shape your life. You are the one who can make changes and take control of your destiny.

The Power of Authenticity

Jerry Colonna highlights the power of authenticity in his book. He suggests that being true to yourself and others can lead to a more fulfilling life. So, take a look at your life and see if you're being authentic in your actions and relationships.

Resilience in the Face of Challenges

In Reboot, resilience is a key theme. Life will throw challenges your way, but it's how you respond to these challenges that truly matters. The book encourages you to find your inner strength and face difficulties head-on.

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Jerry Colonna's Reboot is a book that teaches us how to reboot our lives and find true success by prioritizing our mental and emotional wellbeing.

Arianna HuffingtonArianna Huffington - Huffington Post Co-Founder

Reboot by Jerry Colonna is a must-read for anyone who feels stuck in their professional or personal life. It's a guide to breaking free from the constraints of conventional success and finding your own path.

Tim FerrissTim Ferriss - Author, Entrepreneur

Jerry Colonna's Reboot is a powerful exploration of the intersection between vulnerability and leadership. It's a book that challenges us to be brave, to be authentic, and to be better leaders.

Brené BrownBrené Brown - Research Professor
Arianna HuffingtonTim FerrissBrené Brown


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