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Reality Is Not What It Seems

288 pages, 2018

science & nature

science & nature

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Physicist Carlo Rovelli has spent his life exploring the nature of time and space. In Seven Brief Lessons on Physics, he offered readers a mind-bending exploration of these topics. 

Now, in Reality, Is Not What it Seems, he takes readers on another journey that shows us that scientific discoveries are often only the beginning of a long journey toward our ever-changing understanding of the universe.

Understanding the Nature of Reality

In 'Reality Is Not What It Seems', Carlo Rovelli challenges our traditional understanding of reality. He suggests that reality is not as straightforward as we think. It's a fascinating exploration that will make you question everything you thought you knew about the world around you.

The Concept of Time

Rovelli takes a deep look into the concept of time. He argues that time is not universal, but rather, it's relative and subjective. This idea might seem a bit out there, but once you dig into the book, you'll find it's a compelling argument.

Quantum Gravity

One of the key points in the book is the theory of quantum gravity. This is a complex topic, but Rovelli breaks it down in a way that's easy to understand. He explains how this theory can help us understand the universe in a whole new way.

The Importance of Questioning

Throughout 'Reality Is Not What It Seems', Rovelli emphasizes the importance of questioning our assumptions. He encourages readers to always stay curious and open-minded. This is a great reminder for all of us, not just in science, but in all aspects of life.

The Beauty of Science

Rovelli's passion for science shines through in this book. He shows us that science is not just about facts and figures, but it's a beautiful and exciting journey of discovery. If you've ever found science boring or intimidating, this book might just change your mind.

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Reality Is Not What It Seems is a journey into the depths of the cosmos that makes you see the world with new eyes. Rovelli has a rare knack for conveying the top-tier of scientific ideas in a manner that is both clear and exciting.

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