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Mary Somerville

164 pages, 2018

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In the age when science was perceived as a male domain, Mary Somerville became both the leading woman scientist of her day and an integral part of the British scientific community. Her scientific writings contributed to one of the most important cultural projects of Victorian Britain: establishing science as a distinct, integral, and unifying element of culture. 

Her works reflect both the power of science to capture imaginations and the influence of cultural factors in the development of science. They show us what one example of a particularly lucid and illuminated mind can accomplish, and provide a window into one of the most formative periods in the evolution of modern scientific culture. 

For these reasons, I believe that she should be considered during rethinking the story of women's participation in science.

Overcoming Gender Barriers

Mary Somerville's book shows us how she broke through the gender barriers of her time. Despite women being discouraged from pursuing science, she became a renowned scientist. Her story encourages us to challenge societal norms and pursue our passions.

The Importance of Self-Education

Somerville was largely self-taught. She used books and resources available to her to learn about mathematics and science. This shows us the power of self-education and the importance of taking control of our own learning.

The Power of Perseverance

Throughout the book, we see how Somerville faced numerous challenges but never gave up. Her determination and perseverance are inspiring, reminding us to keep going, even when things get tough.

The Role of Women in Science

Mary Somerville's book gives us a glimpse into the role of women in science during the 19th century. It encourages us to appreciate the contributions of women in science and to continue to support and promote gender equality in the field.

The Beauty of Science

Somerville's passion for science shines through in her writing. She beautifully explains complex scientific concepts, making them accessible to everyone. This book encourages us to explore the world of science and appreciate its beauty.


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