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Management Mess

256 pages, 2019

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Your Leadership Skills Are About to Change. Millions have read the all-time global bestseller The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey. Both leaders and individuals have been inspired and transformed by its universal principles of effectiveness, including Scott Jeffrey Miller.

Scott Miller knows what it’s like to fail. He was demoted from his first leadership position after only three weeks—and that’s just one of several messy management experiences on his two-decade journey to leadership success.

Everyone fails. But something sets Scott apart: transparency and willingness to openly share his story in a way that is forthright, relatable, and applicable.

You can become a better leader. In Miller’s Management Mess to Leadership Success, you’ll find 30 leadership challenges that can, when applied, change the way you manage yourself, lead others, and produce results.

The wisdom in Scott’s book was learned through hard knocks and was honed by Stephen R. Covey and the FranklinCovey team through years of research and corporate training experience.

Embrace Your Mess

In Management Mess, Scott Jeffrey Miller encourages us to embrace our mess. He believes that our flaws and weaknesses can actually be our greatest strengths. So, don't be afraid of your mess, instead, see it as an opportunity for growth and improvement.

Leadership is a Skill

Miller emphasizes that leadership is not a natural talent, but a skill that can be learned and improved. He provides practical advice and strategies to help you become a better leader. So, if you're struggling with leadership, check out this book for some helpful tips.

Honesty is Key

One of the key takeaways from Management Mess is the importance of honesty. Miller stresses that being honest with yourself and others is crucial for effective leadership. So, take a look at your own leadership style and see if there's room for more honesty.

Learn from Your Mistakes

Scott Jeffrey Miller encourages us to learn from our mistakes. He shares his own management messes to show that it's okay to make mistakes, as long as you learn from them. So, don't be afraid to make mistakes, they're just opportunities for learning.

Focus on Relationships

In the book, Miller highlights the importance of building and maintaining strong relationships. He believes that good leadership is about people, not just tasks. So, take some time to focus on your relationships, it could make you a better leader.

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Scott Miller's 'Management Mess' is a refreshingly honest look at the complexities of leadership. It's a must-read for leaders at all levels.

Stephen M. R. CoveyStephen M. R. Covey - Leadership Expert

Scott Miller's 'Management Mess' is a practical guide filled with relatable stories and actionable advice for anyone trying to improve their management skills.

Daniel PinkDaniel Pink - Bestselling Author

In 'Management Mess', Scott Miller encapsulates hard-won insights from his leadership journey into a guide for aspiring leaders.

Marshall GoldsmithMarshall Goldsmith - Executive Coach
Stephen M. R. CoveyDaniel PinkMarshall Goldsmith


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