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Leonardo’s Brain

240 pages, 2014

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Leonardo da Vinci, the first true Renaissance man, is legendary for his astonishing range of achievements. Even now, he stands as a harbinger of the future of our species. In this landmark book, Leonard Shlain reveals how da Vinci’s innovations as an artist, scientist, and inventor arise directly from the brain’s right and left hemispheres. 

From the author's extensive research, we learn how to tap into both hemispheres to unlock our creativity. Leonardo’s Brain is a vital key to a new understanding of the unique structure and an amazing capacity for creation that makes us human.

Understanding the Genius of Leonardo da Vinci

Leonard Shlain explores the extraordinary mind of Leonardo da Vinci. He digs into the artist's unique ability to combine art and science, suggesting that da Vinci's genius stemmed from his ability to use both sides of his brain simultaneously.

The Power of the Right Brain

Shlain's research suggests that the right brain, often associated with creativity and intuition, played a significant role in da Vinci's genius. This book encourages us to tap into our own right-brain capabilities to enhance our creativity and problem-solving skills.

The Impact of Leonardo's Brain on His Art

Leonardo's Brain takes a look at how da Vinci's unique brain structure influenced his art. Shlain argues that da Vinci's ability to perceive the world in three dimensions contributed to his unparalleled realism in painting.

The Connection Between Art and Science

Shlain explores the connection between art and science, using da Vinci as the prime example. He suggests that the ability to excel in both fields is not mutually exclusive, but rather a sign of a well-rounded, balanced brain.

The Influence of Leonardo's Brain on Today's World

Finally, Shlain examines how da Vinci's brain and his approach to art and science have influenced modern society. He encourages us to see the world through da Vinci's eyes, combining creativity with logic to solve problems and innovate.


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