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According to the Japanese, everyone has an ikigai—a reason for living. And according to the residents of the Japanese village with the world’s longest-living people, finding it is the key to a happier and longer life.

Having a strong sense of ikigai—where what you love, what you’re good at, what you can get paid for, and what the world needs all overlap—means that each day is infused with meaning. It’s the reason we get up in the morning.

It’s also the reason many Japanese never really retire (in fact there’s no word in Japanese that means retire in the sense it does in English): They remain active and work at what they enjoy because they’ve found a real purpose in life—the happiness of always being busy.

In researching this book, the authors interviewed the residents of the Japanese village with the highest percentage of 100-year-olds—one of the world’s Blue Zones. 

Ikigai reveals the secrets to their longevity and happiness: how they eat, how they move, how they work, how they foster collaboration and community, and—their best-kept secret—how they find the ikigai that brings satisfaction to their lives.

And it provides practical tools to help you discover your own ikigai. Because who doesn’t want to find happiness every day?

Discover Your Ikigai

Francesc Miralles encourages us to find our Ikigai, a Japanese concept that means 'reason for being'. It's about finding joy and fulfillment in everyday activities. So, start exploring what truly makes you happy and gives you a sense of purpose.

Embrace Simplicity

Miralles suggests that we should embrace simplicity in our lives. He believes that living a simple life can lead to greater satisfaction and happiness. So, take a look at your life and see where you can simplify things.

Stay Active

The book emphasizes the importance of staying active. It's not just about physical activity, but also about keeping your mind active. So, find activities that you enjoy and keep your body and mind engaged.

Connect with Others

Francesc Miralles highlights the importance of social connections. He believes that strong relationships can contribute to a sense of purpose and happiness. So, make an effort to connect with others and build meaningful relationships.

Live in the Moment

In Ikigai, the author encourages us to live in the moment. He suggests that by focusing on the present, we can find joy and fulfillment. So, try to let go of past regrets and future worries, and focus on the here and now.


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