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Healing Back Pain

193 pages, 1991

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Dr. John E. Sarno's research on TMS (Tension Myoneural Syndrome), reveals how stress and other psychological factors can contribute to back pain, how your mind and body are connected, and how you can start recovering from chronic back conditions today. 

Dr. Sarno presents the results of in-depth mind-body research and case histories that demonstrate how you can identify stress--such as work and money problems--and other psychological factors that may be causing your pain, along with techniques for severing the connections between mental stress and physical pain, with this New York Times bestselling book.

The Mind-Body Connection

John E. Sarno explores the concept of Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS), a condition where physical pain is actually caused by subconscious emotional stress. He suggests that understanding this connection can be a powerful tool in healing back pain.

The Power of Knowledge

Sarno believes that simply knowing and accepting the psychological origins of your pain can help alleviate it. So, take a look into your emotional health and see if it's affecting your physical well-being.

The Role of Repressed Emotions

Healing Back Pain digs into the idea that repressed anger and anxiety can manifest as physical pain. Sarno encourages readers to confront these hidden emotions to find relief from chronic pain.

The Importance of Psychological Treatment

Sarno emphasizes the importance of psychological treatments over physical ones. He suggests that traditional treatments like surgery or physical therapy might not always be the best solution. Instead, he encourages exploring treatments like psychotherapy.

Criticism of Traditional Medical Approaches

In Healing Back Pain, Sarno criticizes traditional medical approaches to back pain, arguing that they often overlook the psychological factors. He encourages readers to research and consider alternative treatments that address both the mind and body.

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Dr. Sarno's book has changed my life. I am forever grateful to him.

Howard SternHoward Stern - Radio Host

Dr. Sarno's book was a revelation. I was not only pain free, I was also free of the fear of pain.

Larry DavidLarry David - Comedian

Dr. Sarno's book has made a profound impact on my life. It's a must-read for anyone with back pain.

John StosselJohn Stossel - Journalist

Dr. Sarno's book is a valuable resource for anyone suffering from back pain. It offers a new perspective on the cause and treatment of chronic pain.

Andrew WeilAndrew Weil - Physician
Howard SternLarry DavidJohn StosselAndrew Weil


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