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320 pages, 2002



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In 1884, Edwin A. Abbott published a brilliant novel about mathematics and philosophy that charmed and fascinated all of England. Flatland, a witty satire of Victorian society, is also a means by which to explore the fourth dimension.

 Now British mathematician Ian Stewart has written a fascinating sequel to Abbott's book. Through larger-than-life characters and an inspired storyline, Flatterland explores modern geometries and their applications. 

The journey begins when our heroine Victoria Line comes upon her great-great-grandfather A. Square's diary, hidden in the attic; the writings help her contact the Space Hopper (who becomes her guide and mentor through eleven dimensions).

Exploring the Dimensions

In Flatterland, Ian Stewart takes us on a journey through different dimensions, beyond the three we're familiar with. He shows us that there's more to the universe than what we can see or touch, encouraging us to explore the unknown.

Mathematics in a New Light

Stewart presents mathematics in a fun and engaging way. He makes complex concepts like infinity and topology accessible to everyone. If you've ever found math boring or difficult, Flatterland might just change your mind.

The Power of Imagination

Flatterland is not just about math, it's also about the power of imagination. Stewart encourages us to think outside the box and see the world from different perspectives. It's a reminder that creativity and curiosity are key to understanding and innovation.

The Beauty of Geometry

Stewart shows us the beauty of geometry in Flatterland. He takes us on a tour of shapes and forms that exist in higher dimensions, revealing the hidden patterns and symmetries of the universe. You'll never look at a square or a circle the same way again.

A Tribute to Flatland

Flatterland is a tribute to Edwin A. Abbott's classic book, Flatland. Stewart expands on Abbott's ideas, taking us further into the world of multidimensional geometry. If you enjoyed Flatland, you'll definitely want to check out Flatterland.