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Fierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates

464 pages, 2001



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Switters is an anarchist who works for the government, a pacifist who carries a gun, and a vegetarian who sops up ham gravy. He is also a man who, though obsessed with the preservation of innocence, is longing to deflower his stepsister, only to fall under the spell of a nun ten years his senior. 

Yet Switters is not in any way wishy-washy. This isn’t some kind of wishy-washy situation. Switters not only packs a pistol; he is a pistol. And as we dog Switters’s unusually elevated heels across four continents, in and out of love and danger, discovering in the process the “true” Third Secret of Fatima, we experience Tom Robbins—that fearless storyteller and spiritual renegade—at the top of his game.


Ev Williams

Ev Williams

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