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352 pages, 2015



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By the end of the thirtieth-century humanity possesses the technology to travel the universe, to journey beyond Earth and beyond the confines of a vulnerable human frame. 

The descendants of centuries of scientific, cultural, and physical development divide into three: fleshers (true Homo sapiens), Gleisner robots (embodying human minds within machines that interact with the physical world), and polises (supercomputers teeming with intelligent software that contain direct copies of billions of human personalities living in virtual reality). 

Diaspora is the story of Yakima—a polis being created by random mutations in the Konishi polis-based mind seed—and of humankind. It is also a story about an astrophysical accident that spurs the cloning of thousands upon thousands of polises. It is a story about a discovery made regarding an alien race and a kink in time that means humanity—whatever form it takes—will never again be threatened by acts of God.


Naval Ravikant

Naval Ravikant

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