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By the end of the thirtieth-century humanity possesses the technology to travel the universe, to journey beyond Earth and beyond the confines of a vulnerable human frame. 

The descendants of centuries of scientific, cultural, and physical development divide into three: fleshers (true Homo sapiens), Gleisner robots (embodying human minds within machines that interact with the physical world), and polises (supercomputers teeming with intelligent software that contain direct copies of billions of human personalities living in virtual reality). 

Diaspora is the story of Yakima—a polis being created by random mutations in the Konishi polis-based mind seed—and of humankind. It is also a story about an astrophysical accident that spurs the cloning of thousands upon thousands of polises. It is a story about a discovery made regarding an alien race and a kink in time that means humanity—whatever form it takes—will never again be threatened by acts of God.

Exploration of Posthuman Existence

In Diaspora, Greg Egan takes us on a journey into a posthuman future. He explores the concept of digital consciousness and the possibility of immortality through it. It's a fascinating look into what humanity could become when we transcend our physical limitations.

The Power of Choice

One of the key themes in Diaspora is the power of choice. The characters in the book have the ability to choose their form, their gender, and even their physical laws. It's a thought-provoking exploration of how choice shapes our identity and our reality.

The Universe and Beyond

Egan doesn't just stop at exploring the future of humanity, he takes us on a grand tour of the universe and beyond. From the microcosm of quantum physics to the macrocosm of multiverse theory, Diaspora is a book that will expand your horizons and challenge your understanding of reality.

The Nature of Consciousness

Diaspora delves deep into the nature of consciousness. It questions what it means to be sentient and explores the potential of artificial intelligence. If you're interested in the philosophy of mind, you'll find plenty to think about in this book.

The Value of Diversity

In the world of Diaspora, diversity is celebrated and encouraged. The book shows us a future where differences are not just tolerated but embraced, leading to a rich and varied society. It's a powerful message about the value of diversity in our own world.


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