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Design Is a Job

135 pages, 2012



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Most UX/UI designers didn’t plan to be in this profession. Most just “landed here on their creative path. ” Some former architects have become UX/UI designers, as have marketers, bartenders, and developers. 

The career can seem rewarding at first, but it is important to keep a strong work ethic and know your limits. The book Design is a Job: Designing Web Applications by Mike Monteiro offers good information on making a living as a designer. 

The book discusses strategy, interface design, and building websites. Design is a Job that helps designers understand how to treat design as a serious career by helping them think about how their company treats design and their own responsibilities for quality work.

Design is a Serious Business

Mike Monteiro emphasizes that design is not just about creativity, it's a serious business. He encourages designers to understand their worth and not to undervalue their work. So, if you're a designer, take a look at how you're pricing your work and see if you're really valuing your skills.

Communication is Key

In 'Design Is a Job', Monteiro highlights the importance of effective communication. He believes that a good designer should be able to articulate their ideas clearly to clients. So, if you're struggling to get your ideas across, this book might just have the tips you need.

The Importance of Contracts

Mike Monteiro stresses the importance of having a contract in place before starting any design work. He believes that a well-drafted contract can protect both the designer and the client. So, if you're a designer, it's time to research and find out more about contracts.

Design Ethics Matter

In this book, he explores the ethical side of design. He argues that designers have a responsibility to create work that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also ethically sound. So, if you're interested in the ethical implications of design, you should definitely check out 'Design Is a Job'.

Client Relationships are Crucial

Monteiro believes that building strong relationships with clients is crucial for a successful design career. He provides practical advice on how to handle difficult clients and maintain healthy relationships. So, if you're a designer looking to improve your client relationships, this book is a must-read.

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Design Is a Job is a must-read for any designer. It's a book that will make you rethink your approach to design and your role as a designer.

Erik SpiekermannErik Spiekermann - Typography, Design

Mike Monteiro's Design Is a Job is a brilliant, honest, and practical guide to the professional practice of design.

Jeffrey ZeldmanJeffrey Zeldman - Web Standards

Design Is a Job is a book that every designer should read. It's a guide to the realities of professional design.

Jessica HischeJessica Hische - Lettering, Illustration

Design Is a Job is a book that challenges and inspires. It's a must-read for anyone in the design industry.

Ellen LuptonEllen Lupton - Graphic Design

Design Is a Job is a book that every designer should have on their shelf. It's a guide to the realities of professional design.

David AireyDavid Airey - Logo Design
Erik SpiekermannJeffrey ZeldmanJessica HischeEllen LuptonDavid Airey


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