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In the not-so-distant future, economic inequality and persistent surveillance push Oakland to the brink of civil war.

Lilly Miyamoto is a passionate analog photographer striving to pursue an ever-more-distant dream. Huian Li is preeminent among the Silicon Valley elite as the founder and CEO of the pervasive tech giant Cumulus.

Graham Chandler is a frustrated intelligence agent forging a new path through the halls of techno-utopian royalty. But when Huian rescues Lilly from a run-in with private security forces, it sets off a chain of events that will change their lives and the world.

The adventure accelerates into a mad dash of political intrigue, relentless ambition, and questionable salvation. Will they survive to find themselves and mend a broken system?

The Power of Technology

In Cumulus, Eliot Peper paints a vivid picture of a near-future San Francisco, where technology has the power to both unite and divide society. He explores the potential consequences of letting tech giants control our lives, making us question our reliance on them.

The Importance of Privacy

Peper's book makes you realize the importance of privacy in the digital age. It's a wake-up call to protect your personal information from being exploited. After reading Cumulus, you might want to check your privacy settings and be more cautious about what you share online.

The Role of Corporations

Cumulus takes a hard look at the role of corporations in society. It shows how they can manipulate our lives for their benefit. This book will make you think twice about the power that corporations hold and how they use it.

The Impact of Socioeconomic Disparity

The book explores the widening gap between the rich and the poor, a theme that resonates in today's world. It's a reminder that we need to address this issue before it's too late. Cumulus encourages readers to research more about socioeconomic disparity and find ways to bridge the gap.

The Potential of Green Technology

Peper also highlights the potential of green technology in Cumulus. He shows how it can be a solution to many of our environmental problems. If you're interested in sustainable living, you'll find this aspect of the book particularly engaging.

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Cumulus is a prophetic Bay Area thriller, a Jason Bourne for the startup set.

A.G. RiddleA.G. Riddle - Bestselling Author

Cumulus grapples with the future of inequality and the technology driving it.

Brad FeldBrad Feld - Venture Capitalist

Cumulus is your new favorite surveillance-fueled dystopian novel. It's a future we can almost see from here.

Tim PrattTim Pratt - Science Fiction Writer

Cumulus takes us to a world where surveillance is total and privacy is extinct.

Ramez NaamRamez Naam - Futurist, Technologist

Cumulus is a thrilling and timely read that really makes you think about the future of technology.

Craig NewmarkCraig Newmark - Craigslist Founder
A.G. RiddleBrad FeldTim PrattRamez NaamCraig Newmark


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